25 Beautifully Dark-Schemed Landing Pages for Inspiration

Published by @RobHope in Articles, Round-Ups on April 15, 2019

There is something instantly remarkable about a website with a strong, dark color scheme.

Dare I say the content "pops" a little more? I can’t help think an owner who carefully crafts a dark-schemed Landing Page cares for his product in a similar manner. It is, at the end the day, what stands between the visitor and the product. Alas, most play it safe with a monotonous, conventional scheme.

Here are my favorite dark (black) sheep over the past few years – hope you get inspired!

1. Genesis (Restaurant)

Remarkable One Page website packed with gorgeous illustrations and animations for Genesis, a vegan restaurant based in Shoreditch, London. As you scroll the website bursts to life with animated characters, plants and even some of the typography. A great reference on how to create an unforgettable first impression.

2. Overframe (App, Landing Page)

Clean Landing Page for Overframe - a macOS app to help record a video of your prototype or app within a device frame overlay.

3. Destroyer LA (Restaurant)

Stunning, parallax scrolling One Pager for Culver City restaurant, Destroyer LA. The layout and experience is truly unique so make sure you read the fascinating Stink Studios case study for context. The long scrolling site features a hover-sensitive scattered food menu, beautiful date + time infographics, a Tumblr-integrated "stacked" image gallery and ends with an awesome, interactive game of Space Invaders - using the Destroyer LA branding ๐Ÿ‘พ๐Ÿ‘พ๐Ÿ‘พ

4. Midnight (Download)

Clean One Pager with great whitespace for Midnight - a dark theme plugin for Sketch built by Danny Lai and Yi-Ming Liu.

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5. Contraste (App)

Minimal One Pager for Contraste - a simple app for checking the accessibility of text against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

6. hourly (App)

Long-scrolling One Pager with a unique, bold typographic style for hourly, an iOS app for time tracking.

7. CSSConf Argentina 2018 (Event)

Dark-schemed One Pager for the upcoming CSSConf event in Argentina. Really like how they included parking, subway, train and bus routes to help get to the venue easier.

8. Glimmerings (Download)

Ari Weinkle together with Tobias van Schneider & the Semplice team have released this dark-schemed One Pager for Glimmerings - a place for sharing Ari's beautiful 3D art for you to use as a smartphone wallpaper. The first wallpaper series is called Relics and is completely free.

9. Andreas Gysinโ€ (Experimental, Portfolio)

Incredibly unique One Pager for Swiss developer Andreas Gysinโ€. What used to be his ASCII playground is now his minimal portfolio with cursor-sensitive interactions.

10. Bachoy (Portfolio)

Impressive dark-schemed One Page portfolio for Ryan Magno. The Single Page website features loads of attention to detail including a command prompt style intro text, spotlight effect background, hover sensitive content items and changing backgrounds to match the current project you are browsing.

11. InVision Studio (Launching Soon)

Dazzling launching soon page with stunning animations as you scroll previewing InVision's new โ€™Studioโ€™ product. Readers often ask what it takes to make the Most Loved category - note the load animation of the BETA request form - gorgeous and of course not the only impressive element๐Ÿ‘ (the legal links in the footer are within the One Page website rules but I'm allowing the contact link in this time, as it's in no obvious main navigation)

12. Doberman Culture (Informational)

Wonderfully unique One Pager sharing the company culture over at Doberman. The site features neat interactive elements and images while you scroll in multiple directions. There is loads of personality in the copy too and a great reference to capturing company culture with style.

13. City Lights (Download)

Lovely One Pager from the Yummygum team showcasing beautiful dark themes they designed for Atom & Visual Studio Code. Awesome added touches with the coding language preview switcher, the number line page edge and the random color icon bursts in the Icon Package section.

14. Michaรซl Villar (Personal)

Awesome glitch effect load transition and content interactions in this minimal One Pager for designer, Michaรซl Villar.

15. The Future Of Mobility (Experimental, Product)

Good reference to a product reveal in this long scrolling One Pager for 'The Future Of Mobility'. Nice touch with the vehicle lights turning on as the page loads.

16. Katka (App, Case Study, Sport)

Slick case-study One Pager by designer Stas Babaev taking you through how he would design the perfect cycling app experience. The super long-scrolling site features lovely big typography, spacious arrangement of his ideas and a few neat animations as you browse.

17. ufomammoot (Portfolio)

One Pager with a multi-directional scrolling background canvas for Berlin-based digital agency, ufomammoot.

18. Sublimio (Portfolio)

Gorgeous section transitions and white smoke backgrounds in this One Page portfolio for Italian design studio, Sublimio.

19. Launchday (App, Landing Page, Launching Soon)

Tidy little One Pager previewing a new product Landing Page builder called Launchday. I quite enjoy this minimal approach to announcing a new product - brief overview, Beta Signup button links to MailChimp, About button links to Medium (to also increase social engagement) and a very clear demo video. No need to scroll on this guy:)

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20. Romain Granai (Portfolio)

Real unique One Pager for Romain Granai featuring big, hover-sensitive scrolling text. Neat touch as well with the scheme switcher within his logo.

21. Two Chimps Coffee (Landing Page, Product)

Sweet SVG animations in this clean One Pager promoting the product range from 'Two Chimps Coffee'. Neat newsletter sign up solution in the footer and stoked to find out it's built on WordPress!

22. Tilda Zero Block (App, Landing Page)

Beautiful spacious Landing Page for a new website builder called 'Zero Block'. The Singe Page website features a dark color scheme with a neat intro demonstration on how it works. Best of all this very Landing Page was made with the application itself. Boom!

23. Golden Thread Tarot (App, Game)

Lovely dark-schemed One Pager for a tarot-reading iPhone app called 'Golden Thread Tarot'. The Singe Page website features brilliant little icon animations and the responsive adaption is just superb.

24. Boris Verks (Portfolio)

Unique anteater background illustration that animates as you scroll in this One Pager for Product Designer, Boris Verks.

25. Sketchbook by Ales Nesetril (Product)

Gorgeous little One Pager showcasing a beautiful sketchbook by Ales Nesetril. Lovely touch "unboxing" the product as you scroll.

Which was your favorite? Here is the full archive of 900+ dark-schemed One Page websites if you’re after more inspiration.

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