How to request the perfect Landing Page testimonial from a customer

Published by Rob Hope in Landing Page Tutorials, on 20 Dec 2021

In this article I suggest a three-step method to help generate great Landing Page testimonials from your customers.

So what does a great testimonial look like?

For a little context, to help promote my upcoming book Iโ€™m publishing 1 Landing Page “hot tip” for 100 days in a Twitter thread or email drip.

The first was a fictitious lesson how we should try utilize testimonials to further highlight features & answer doubts:


Landing Page Hot Tip #01


This naturally kicked off a discussion if itโ€™s ok to create fake testimonials in our Landing Pages?

Itโ€™s not.

The lesson demo unfortunately had little context but was intended to showcase what kind of testimonials to handpick out your collection.

“But what if all my testimonials are a bit meh?”

Here is my three-step method to generate a great customer testimonial:

Step 1: Request a detailed testimonial

The goal here is to receive a lot of text we can edit into a great testimonial.

Using this as a guideline, replacing [bracket content] with your own, your request to your customer could be as follows:

Hi [Kim]

We hope you are enjoying your new [set of Riedel Beer Glasses]

If you are satisfied with them, weโ€™d love to feature your testimonial on our website. The longer and more detailed the better. Aim for 50 words if you can.

As a thank you for your time, here is a [15% off] coupon for your next order: [KIMROCKS]

Shout if you need any more guidance on the testimonial.

Team [Riedel]

If you are after a specific attribute for your Landing Page, add this paragraph just above the coupon:

We take a lot of pride in [our packaging] and itโ€™s frequently asked question we get. So including anything about your [packaging experience] would be really helpful to others.

Step 2: Edit the testimonial, extracting highlights

Kim sent us 44 words:

What a delight! I am so glad I could finally experience their superb quality myself. Wow! I was also really impressed by the thoughtful-packaged box of such a sensitive item. Would absolutely order again. It has been a pleasurable experience. Thank you Riedel!!!

Taking into account the lesson from earlier, a great testimonial highlights features (the superb quality) and answers doubts (the glass breaking) so Iโ€™ve refined the testimonial down to this:

So glad I could finally experience their superb quality myself and was really impressed by the thoughtful packaging of such a delicate item.

Step 3: Confirm the testimonial edit with your customer

What an incredible testimonial [Kim] – thank you!

To accommodate our Landing Page design requirements Iโ€™ve extracted the best bits into a more condensed testimonial. Can you please confirm these edits and the image Iโ€™ve found on your social media are ok with you?

Kim Davis - Testimonial


Team [Riedel]

And thatโ€™s it!

Yup, a considerable amount of extra effort but worth it. A handful of brilliant testimonials relevant to your visitor (i.e potential customer) is how we can really strengthen our Landing Page.

Much love,

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