26 examples of Awesome Team Sections in websites

Published by @RobHope in Round-Ups on September 4, 2018

An ongoing collection of awesome Team sections within a website. Each reference links out to the original feature with a longer website screenshot for context.

Need more inspiration? See One Page websites tagged with “Teams”.

ps. if Pinning is your jam, here is our Teams Pinterest board:)

team-22 team-03 opl-team team-04 bff-team team-05 team-07 team-06 team-08 team01 bff-team-2 team-09 team-11 leadership team-10 team-12 team-13 team-14 team-21 team-17 team-18 team-19 awake-team team

This is an ongoing collection of Teams. Seen any other good references? Tweet me the link!

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