October 8, 2014 - Reviews

Squarespace launch “Cover Pages” – a new range of minimal One Page templates

There is no denying I’m a Squarespace fanboy. I honestly feel their own website design is cutting-edge and their template designs are consistently gorgeous. The reason we promote Squarespace is that they offer a professional solution for anyone needing a slick website and don’t want to worry about hosting, security etc. but the main reason we promote them is that several of their templates can be beautiful One Page portfolios.

Which brings me to an exciting announcement that today, along with their new Squarespace 7 platform announcement, Squarespace have launched Cover Pages – a brand new range of minimal One Page templates.


Squarespace Cover Pages Overview

So Cover Pages are basically minimal Landing Pages that can act as a splash page before you enter a full site or can act as a minimal One Page website. The latter we prefer of course;) As Squarespace put it themselves:

Cover pages are simple one-page websites. Customize yours by adding content and tweaking the styles.

I’ve given them a real good spin and want to clear up a few points I think aren’t clear in the announcement by Squarespace:

  • Cover Pages can be added to any existing template (once on the new Squarespace 7 platform) meaning you won’t find the Cover Page template range in the Squarespace template range.
  • There are 12 Cover Page templates, see the preview list below.
  • Cover Pages can be accessed in Squarespace 7 editor > Pages > Main Navigation Plus Icon > Cover Page. (I’ll be adding an article soon on exactly how to create a Cover Page)

Squarespace Cover Page Preview

This is a quick personal page I just put together using the “Cover” Cover Page template:


There are a lot more options to improve on text color, this is just a quick demo I threw together for the article. Like I mentioned before I’ll be publishing a comprehensive article soon on exactly how to create a Cover Page with Squarespace.

This screenshot below gives you a good indication how easy it is to switch between Cover Page templates and edit fields.


Note: The above is scaled down from a big monitor screenshot preview and will appear larger on your screen

Squarespace Cover Page Templates

01: Cover


02: Reveal


03: Spotlight


04: Focus


05: Portrait


06: Backstory


07: Tour


08: Record


09: Premier


10: Debut


11: Harbour


12: Flagship


Hope you found the overview helpful. Remember you first need to signup with Squarespace, make sure you have activated the Squarespace 7 Platform , choose a template and then add a new Cover Page. Remember Squarespace has a free 14-day trial so giving them a go is completely risk-free. Good luck and enjoy!

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