Screenshot Concierge
A 24hr concierge service that delivers 30 beautiful screenshots of your Landing Page in multiple resolutions and devices.
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Why do I need professional screenshots?

When it's time to announce your idea online - first impressions count and beautiful website screenshots make a huge difference. This service provides all the different resolutions and device shots you might need to blog or share on social media.

What exactly do the screenshots look like?

Download a sample to see the breakdown and the exact specifications are found in the readme.txt file.

How long does this service take?

24hrs of a week day. If you order on Thursday, you receive your screenshots on Friday. If you order on Friday you receive your screenshots on Monday.

How many screenshots do I get?

30 in total (download a sample). There are 4 main resolutions captured: Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Mobile. Each of those get a long-scrolling and cropped screenshot. There are 7 bonus in-device screenshots: Desktop, Notebook, Black Tablet, White Tablet, Black Mobile, White Mobile and a Multi-Device screenshot. All of the above come in Retina (@2x) and Standard (@1x) resolutions. Beautiful.

Can we capture parallax scrolling elements?

You bet! If you are not happy with the results you get 100% money back - no questions asked.

I have a pre-sale question not answered here?

Please email and we'd be happy to answer your questions:)

100% Money Back Guarantee - Read FAQs - Testimonials
"Love the idea behind this service, and the end product is even better than I expected. Kudos!"
Mark Forrester, WooCommerce